Goats don’t want to be Sheep

Refer to Matthew 25:31-46

Based on this passage, I believe that most would agree that there are two categories of individuals. I also would assume most people would agree that the people from the “goat” category would belong the group of people who aren’t saved and people from “sheep” are the people who are saved, and belong to the Shepard, Jesus. Expanding from passage, I think it is logical to think that you can not choose your own birth. So then does that mean that if I want to be saved and belong to Jesus there is nothing I can do? You can’t answer this question with a yes or a no answer because the question is a loaded question.

When I was reading through these verses, I discovered something I haven’t really thought about, when reading this particular section of the scripture. Taking a closer look at the verses 37-39, we can see that the people who Jesus refers to as “the righteous” are in the category, “sheep”. They are asking the questions as to when did their actions took place according to the claims of Jesus. In other words, I believe that these people are in the category of “sheep” and Jesus is saying that the sheep will always be sheep, and will differ from goats, and have their own unique personal qualities. The righteous are born again, and once you are born again, you do what you are born to do, what is in the very nature of your heart. In order to become a christian, you are not supposed to read the bible every day. Pray all the time. Go to church every Sunday, and sometimes in the middle of the week. Participate in Church. Get baptized. Jesus is saying, that in order to be his sheep all you have to do is be the sheep, born again. It’s interesting that the righteous were being righteous because that’s who they are, and not because they tried really hard to be good. You have absolute free choice, to choose Jesus. The problem is that we don’t want to. Goats do not want to be sheep. Relationship is not a rule book and a list of commandments you need to fulfill. Relationship with Jesus is not forced but it is the deepest desire in our hearts. We follow Jesus and do his commandments because we want to, it’s who we are.

The question I believe every person should ask himself is not whether I am trying hard enough, but “Do I belong to Jesus?”.

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