What are you waiting for?

Being a Christian isn’t easy, and it should not be. It takes an effort. And yet at times, and to be completely honest, it seems more often than not, I feel like I’m coasting through life. I’m so tired of making excuses about my imperfections, and how radically depraved I am and quoting bible verses from my head about how evil I am and without the grace of God I can not please him. I try reading the bible on daily basis but it is so hard. I know it should be easy and I need to enjoy it, and on so many days I don’t even know what I read or even care what I read. What is the point of even reading the bible?

Thirty, forty years from now I will look back at my life, this point in my life and will think and with great pain in my heart will regret I didn’t do more. There is no more time left to be lazy anymore. This is my only chance I get at life to be the person God has created me to be. This could be a pivotal point in my life and either I could be coasting through life or take it by force. I need to man up and become hard-core Christian.

I want God to be come so real to me that absolutely nothing will matter, no excuse will ever sound even remotely close to the reality of Christ. There is no more time left to make plans to become a better Christian, start dealing with sin in your life, or even try setting goals in your life to accomplish to please our self and God. I need to start now, and get real with myself, I want to be fully devoted to my relationship with Jesus. Because if this will be just another attempt for me to get serious about my relationship, I will regret that I haven’t tried hard enough, and I could have easily done so. I will be hugely disappointed in myself and how pathetic most of my excuses were. If Jesus is a reality in my life today, how does that reflect on my daily life?

I need to make war on myself 24/7.

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